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Our operations are based on the HUB & SPOKE concept and are aimed at offering cost effective, reliable and time advantage services as the key criterion. Proper documentation provides the backup support for the efficient operations and provides complete Traceability of all consignment movements. Our Offices or Collection Centers are conveniently located at every wanted point for Customers to book a shipment. In case of a door pickup the Customer may contact us on phone/email or under a standing instruction to arrange for prompt pickup of the consignment. The pickup from the customer premises will be executed at the specified time by our field staff and an acknowledgement in the form of the consignor copy of the Consignment Note will be handed over to the customer. For all future reference regarding the status of the consignment the "consignment number" is the key. The collection centre will arrange to move all the shipments to the nearest central office for consolidation of the consignments to a particular destination. The central office after consolidation will move the loads meant for each destination by the most appropriate mode of dispatch to the nearest hub center who in turn will forward the load to the final destination. Shipments may pass through more than one hub centre before they arrive at the destination.

The collection centre at the destination takes the responsibility of delivering the shipment to the addressee and will obtain an acknowledgment from them on the "proof of delivery" copy of the consignment note and handover the "Consignment Note copy" to the addressee, on demand, along with the consignment. The proof of delivery will be dispatched back to the Origin Centre where it will be handed over to the shipper, on demand, as an evidence of receipt of the shipment by the addressee.

Our International Gateways at Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi and Islamabad makes it easy for the smooth International Operations both ways with our International Hubs at New York, Dubai, Singapore & London.

Features of our Network

  • Efficient and safe delivery of your consignments.
  • Network supervision by Hub center in-charges.
  • Monthly billing facility for bulk volume customers.
  • Offering Desk pickups and Door deliveries at no extra cost.
  • Offering (POD) Proof of Deliveries on your request.
  • Extensive Network Worldwide covering all bank locations
  • Cargo service by Air/Sea available to all destinations.
  • Customized service packages to fit specific needs.
  • Transit Insurance facility for non-insured goods on request.
  • delivery status available in our website www.aeroexpress.com.pk
  • Well co-ordinate own fleet of transport system of vehicles, leased Rail Wagons, bus and train On Travel Couriers, inter connecting all destinations. Hand-carrying valuable documents without any delay.

Request to Patrons

We request you to provide the full and complete address of the consignee/addressee including the land mark with location map and the telephone number to enable us to effect prompt delivery of your consignment.

We request you to type or write clearly the address of the shipper and the consignee on the same page of the document packet.

We request you to type the consignee's/addressee's address bigger than the consignor's/sender's address.

Our motto is to effect speedy delivery of your consignment and the service is determined by the support of the customers. Help us to Help you.


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